Top Windows Themes

A theme is a combination of desktop background pictures, window colors, and sounds.

1. Kamisato Ayaka Genshin Impact Game Anime Windows 10 Theme Windows 10 Theme Tested Only in Windows 10 21H1
2. OBLIQ VS 10 Windows 10 Themes Before doing anything, you should make a system restore point. I am NOT responsible for anything that happens!
3. Joyful Desktop - Windows 10 Theme Here it is, Joyful Desktop for Windows 10. This is a port of the amazing Joyful Desktop v2 Linux theme
4. Ko-Z Theme for Windows 10 This is another dark theme for Windows 10. Optimized for Builds 1903-21H1 (Not tested on older builds) Office versions included for those who use Microsoft Office. (these may cause inconsistencies throughout the VS). Includes a bunch of extra skins and icons. Thanks and credits to KaLam1ty-AC for the idea