ValliStart - Start menu replacement

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A rainmeter skin which replaces the start menu. For real.

Skins like these aren't easy to create - consider supporting me on kofi!

A rainmeter skin which replaces the start menu. For real.

Windows search ● Smooth animations ● Fully functional control center ● Customizable hotkeys ● Pinned shortcuts ● Music player

This skin replaces the default windows start menu with an animated, fancy control center. This skin provides 8 different color schemes for you to use, and have 15+ customization options for you to play with! By default the skin overrides the Win hotkey, you can choose to turn this off. This doesn't override the start button though.

Note: Display configuration doesn't sync between users. States are stored locally.


Change log:
2.9 - Modules should no longer clip the bottom section of the skin, Revoked taskbar shower to preserve performance, Shortcuts are now stored as code.
2.8 - You can now customize up to 3 modules to be shown
2.75 - You can now use the windows button to activate ValliStart, but this is limited by how the taskbar is configurated. Autohidden taskbars and centered start buttons are not supported for now. Sorry.
2.7 - Fixed weather module not responding, added mute action to volume icon
2.6 - Features update. Read the patch notes or join the discord server for update notifications. The weather module uses AJ-Dekkers's weather measure code, credits to him!
2.4 - Fixed inconsistency with Type to search
2.3 - Type to search + Hide monitors layout
2.1 - Fixed missing plugins
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